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With global prominence and reputation in all diverse areas of the law, ours sophisticated and responsible law firm has been essentially providing extensive and innovative legal services for ipr law india, in all around the whole country. The intellectual property law is one of the major and magnificent areas of the legal practice, and hence, deserves our ingenious and refined services for well-rounded economic development and prosperity. Ours such services for intellectual property law in india are described in detail in a separate section which is given below. At this place of the article, it would be better to clarify first that actually what is ipr law in india. The ipr law is elegantly formed to provide recognition, provisions for hiring or trading, and well-rounded protection to all categories of intellectual property of people and entities established in India. The legal Acts encompassed by this ipr law in india are - the Copyright Act of 1957; the New Trade Marks Act of 1999; the Patents Act of 1970; and the Designs Act of 2000. At present, ours well-adorned law firm based in India, is one of the hugely reputed and leading intellectual property law firms in India.

Intellectual Property Law Services India

For Indian people and entities occupied in all economic fields, ours adept and seasoned intellectual property attorneys and lawyers provide all legal and supportive services regarding all types of intellectual property, at domestic and international levels. At international level, our ipr services are concerned with globally acclaimed and magnificent TRIPS Agreement of the World Trade organization, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Berne or Paris Convention, and European intellectual property organizations. At domestic level, applications for registration for diverse categories of intellectual property are filed with zonal offices in all across the country, based on the location of the applicants. For each ip category, we offer full-gamut of supportive services concerned with the creation, originality and acceptability checks, infringement analysis, drafting of application for registration, filing and prosecuting applications, opposition, watch and monitoring, dispute resolution, and infringement litigation.

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