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Patent Drafting

One of the most critically important tasks in connection with patent registration, is perfect and unique patent drafting. A patent serves as the backbone of manufacturing processes, unique quality of products or services, and distinct prominence and reputation of the business entity. Therefore, patents must be prepared meticulously and prudently, in order to make these impeccable, optimally efficient and economical, blameless to infringement allegations, and fully safe from all types of possible harms in all future times to come. Ours globally acclaimed and reputed patent drafting services provide these all specialties to patents in all economic fields, for lavish and great benefits to entrepreneurs, professionals, companies, and industries located in countries worldwide. Description regarding how to draft patent application, and ours patent drafting services, is furnished separately in the section below. It may be noted that our law firm well-established in India extends legal services connected with all areas of the law, significantly including the intellectual property law, at national and international jurisdictions in all around the globe.

Patent Drafting Services India

To draft patent applications perfectly and excellently, ours adept and innovative patent attorneys follow closely and strictly the patent drafting manuals released from time to time by patent offices in India and abroad. These patent drafting guidelines relate to presentation of the patent specification; paper sizes, including drawing sheets; the font sizes of headings, sub-headings, and describing words; enclosures; and other matters associated with patent application. The correct and recommended sequential order of the sections in the patent specification is - title of the invention, cross references, background of the invention, brief summary of the invention, drawing illustrations, full description of the invention, claims, abstract, and sequence listing. Our vastly and variedly experienced, discerning, and innovative patent attorneys are expert in presenting inventions (technical or non-technical in nature) in the best possible way, to make the same readily patentable, impregnable, blameless, and timelessly unique. Apart from domestic patent registration, we have been extending patent drafting services to Indian people and entities for their patent registration under TRIPS Agreement, PCT, Berne or Paris Convention, and European Patent Convention.

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