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Strict compliances under the rules, regulations, and procedures described in the New Companies Act, 2013 of the Central Government of India, are made perfectly implemented, supervised, and regulated by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and the Company Law Board, besides other governmental functionaries like the Registrars of Companies in the States. The Company Law Board (CLB) in its present form was established in May 1991 under the Section 10(E) of the Indian companies act, to overlook and regulate the business activities and mandatory compliances made by entities in all economic fields, and resolve all types of disputes among people and companies in these fields, which were in past being handled by the High Courts or the Central Government. This independent quasi-judicial establishment has sovereign powers to regulate the conduct and compliances of all types of companies formed under the companies act of India, and pass proper orders for companies to follow strictly. This company law board has devised its specific company law board regulations 1991, which contain provisions, procedures, and fees for filing any petition or application before this punctilious and swift judicial body. The company law board india has its principal bench located in the national capital New Delhi, while its four well-equipped zonal benches are situated in all across the country in the cities of New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai.

Company Law Board Rules India

Ours one of the hugely reputed and leading service providing law firms in India with immense global acclamation, offers rigorous and swift services regarding the company law board rules and regulations to entities in all fields located in all across the country. Foreign companies and institutions doing business in India can also equally well utilize ours these services promptly. The principal bench of CLB located in New Delhi deals exclusively with applications and petitions pertaining to the subject matters described in New Companies Act, 2013. Whereas the zonal benches of company law board are mainly and primarily concerned with applications and petitions related with issues mentioned in the following sections of the Indian companies act - 17; 18; 19; 58A(9); 58AA(1); 79; 80A; 111/111A; 113/113A; 117/117C; 118(3); 141; 144(4); 163; 167; 186; 196; 219/219(4); 235; 237(b); 284/284(4); 304; 307; 397; 398; 408; 409; 614; 621A; 634A; and section 45QA of the RBI Act of 1934. Any person or company aggrieved by any decision or order issued by the company law board, can willingly resort to the relevant High Court as per the provisions given in the section 10F of the companies act, within sixty days of its issuance, for the desired solution.

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