Civil Law

The Civil Law is certainly and indubitably the most important and magnificent branch of the law in every common law country. Therefore, ours this highly informative and prolific article is dedicated exclusively to this vital law, as service to our visitors and clients belonging to India and abroad. Things covered in this article are - what is civil law, civil law definition, civil law in india, and ours well-informed and decent services for the civil laws worldwide. The civil law of a country or state is the body of rules, relevant judicial precedents, regulations, and procedures, which help the government or the legal system to resolve diverse non-criminal disputes between individuals and organizations, over a variety of ordinary private matters and issues, apart from the criminal, political, and military matters and issues. This civil law seeks to resolve disagreements and disputes through providing due and equitable compensations to the victims, rather than laying emphasis on rigorous punishment to the accused. The Civil Law Courts are the forum for settling such disputes with the help of judicious and refined attorneys and lawyers. The matters and issues covered by this civil law in India and other countries are described in the lower section separately. Here, it may be noted that the civil law in most of the countries have acquired judicial instructions and rules from the ancient Roman Law, Justinian Law, and the Canon Law.

Civil Law in India

The civil law in India comprises of the laws formed and followed at federal and state levels, and rulings by courts of law made from time to time in the country. As one of the immensely reputed and leading full-service law firms in India, ours globally prominent law firm provides the complete gamut of legal services and expert counsel regarding the civil law india, in every part of the country. Apart from this civil law, all other areas of the legal practice have been well-served by us in countries worldwide. The scope and ambit of civil law is rather extensive, and encompasses matters and issues related with the following areas:

  • Real Estate Law
  • Business or Commercial Law
  • Education Law
  • Consumer Law
  • Tax Law
  • Entertainment Law
  • Contract Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Sports Law
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