Design Registration

Design has many features including its shape, style, pattern, configuration and other compositions which successfully represent a well design. Therefore, design registration is extremely essential for all business organizations in order to protect its uniqueness and originality. All these designs are registered under the Trademark and Merchandise Registration Act, 1958. Before registering any particular design, one should do a design registration search to find the original piece of work and avoid future legal battle among business rivals. Like trademark search, design search holds a great importance for aspiring business entrepreneurs from across the world and a professional should know it better than anyone else. In India, a design is registered in two ways:

  • Registered Design
  • Artistic Copyright

Once a design is registered, the actual owner will get the right to flaunt his or her design when selling goods and services. A well searched and made design is the brand identity for any business organization in the world.

Online Design Registration Services

Online design registration services are hugely popular among design aspirants from different fields of business. One can either register directly by logging into the website of Trademark and Design registration India or can take the help of some patent and trademark professionals in order to make this affair smooth and error free. These days, one can find large numbers of independent trademark and legal professionals those are providing design registration services both online and offline at very affordable prices to hundreds of business entrepreneurs from across the world. Every business organization or a professional entrepreneur needs a well crafted design in order to promote their business. So, no can undermine the value and importance of a logo or design when it comes to carving a niche in a market.

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