Taxation is levying a proper and proportionate pecuniary burden on the taxable income and gains of a taxpayer, as per the rules of the taxation law in the concerned country. This taxpayer can be an individual, a company, an institution, an industry, or an organization, engaged in any economic field anywhere within the specified country. Through taxation, the government of any sovereign country draws funds for all its developmental projects, official expenditures, and welfare activities and services being done to benefit its targeted citizens. Thus, supporting and legal services regarding taxation to individuals and business entities in diverse economic fields, are of vital and great importance for lawful, secured, and respected running of their respective business. Hence, as one of the globally famous and reputed service providers of the world to entities in all economic sectors in countries worldwide, ours well-based law firm in India essentially provides flawless and punctual taxation services, in India and other countries abroad. Today, ours these taxation services are additionally well-equipped and fully facilitated with online taxation services. These services to people and entities are explained in detail in the below section that deals with taxation in india.

Taxation Services in India

In India, as in most of the countries, taxes are levied by the Central and State Governments, and also by Local authorities such as municipalities, as per the rules and regulations described in the Indian Income Tax Act of 1961. The various types of taxes payable annually or at the time of business transaction, are income tax, service tax, central and state sales taxes, central and state excise duties, central customs duty, central and state value added taxes, TDS, stamp duty, land revenue, entertainment duty, occupational tax, octroi, etc. These direct and indirect taxes are imposed on individuals and entities on their all types of incomes (except the agricultural incomes), wealth and property, and capital gains through various means. Ours well-informed taxation services encompass these all categories of taxes pertaining to individuals and diverse entities in all economic sectors, including service through taxation online. Ours online taxation india, is easily accessible from anywhere in the country to avail our perfect and swift taxation services. The domestic business entities are subject to pay tax on their all incomes and capital gains from sources available within and also outside India, while the foreign entities are taxed on their incomes and gained obtained from sources within India only.

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