LLP Registration

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is the new form of partnership firm business and LLP registration is catching fast among upcoming business entrepreneurs. Partnership business has been impeccably growing since inception due to its many advantages over sole trade business. In a Limited Liability Partnership firm, the biggest advantage is the limited liability and no partner is responsible for any other's misconduct or liability. Online LLP registration is the most sought after way to register a partnership firm instead of taking the traditional way. In India, a partnership firm is registered under the Indian Partnership Act 1932 for doing all business after incorporation. In order to avoid the drawbacks of a regular partnership firm, limited liability partnership firm came into existence by many leading business entrepreneurs. All limited liability partnership firms are registered under the LLP registration act, 2008 in India.

Online LLP Registration Services

Online limited liability partnership (LLP) registration is creating many waves in the business world due to its very simple and well defined process. Partnership business in India is hugely popular as this type of business is easy to start and maintain as it involves less human capital and less monetary investments as compared than other form of business. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) registration is a legal process and one should follow the procedure of LLP registration as per the partnership act. There are numbers of leading company registration and trademark registration firms are providing LLP registration services with the help of reputed and highly experienced trademark attorneys and company registration professionals. Online LLP registration is the need of the hour as nobody wants to spend their time in the traditional form of partnership firm registration which takes longer time than online registration.

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