Administrative Law

Administrative Law forms the essential and magnificent part of the legal legislation in any common law country, in all around the world. This administrative law gives basis for proper functioning of all executive agencies or departments of the federal and state governments, for the best possible governance and services to all citizens. Making of departmental rules and regulations, proper implementation of these, adjudication, and enforcement of certain regulatory policies, all are encompassed by this administrative law in any country. Ours this enlightening article offers lavish information about what is administrative law, and the administrative law india, along with giving an elegant administrative law definition. Administrative Law is the body of well-devised rules, laws, and regulations which governs and regulates all activities and policies of the executive agencies of the federal or state government, in order to secure and promotes peace and development, justice, social welfare, and propelling services to its people and entities in general. Commonly recognized as a branch of the Public Law, this administrative law is also referred to as the regulatory law.

Administrative Law in India

The administrative law in India is described comprehensively in the Constitution of India, which is the largest written constitution in the entire world. This Indian Constitution elegantly divides the legislative and executive powers between the Union and the States in due proportion, for proper governing and well-rounded development. The main and most significant categories of laws contained in by this administrative law in India are - Civil Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Tax Law, Nationality and Immigration Law, Religious Laws, Property Law, Consumer Law, Labor Law, Employment Law, Contract Law, Tort Law, Education Law, Manufacturing Law, Law regarding International Trade, and so on. Our experienced and discerning law firm well-based in India has been providing legal services regarding all categories of administrative law and other practice areas of the law concerned with people and entities in all economic sectors, in locations all across India, for a long time in the past.

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