Consumer Law

Also known as the Consumer Protection Law, the Consumer Law is one of the most significant and effective means for safeguarding the interests and rights of the consumers throughout the concerned country. Thus, this consumer law is an immensely legal legislation for public and social protection and welfare in any country. Ours this meticulously drafted article offers exclusive and discerning information about the consumer law, the consumer law india, starting from explicit clarifications regarding what is consumer law, and presenting the consumer law definition. The consumer law is the stream of the law that seeks to promote and protect the legitimate rights of the consumers in general, through establishing fair and decent business practices and policies, and quick resolution of consumer complaints and disputes with business entities in all economic sectors. Rigorous and swift services regarding the consumer laws in countries worldwide form the essential ancillary part of ours all legal services to people and entities in all economic sectors. This consumer law deals adroitly and expertly with matters like credit and debt repairs, product safety and liability, pricing, unfair business practices, bill collector regulation, sales and service contracts, complaints and disputes of the consumers, and relationship between the business entities and the general consumers.

Consumer Law in India

In India, the consumer law is represented collectively by the Consumer Protection Act of 1986, the Essential Commodities Act of 1955, and the Prevention of Black Marketing and Maintenance of Supplies of Essential Commodities Act of 1980. These acts have been securing the due rights of consumers, by establishing equitable and decent business policies and practices in all economic fields, and setting up powerful and effective consumer forums and tribunals at district, state, and central levels throughout the whole country. Here, it may be noted that a consumer is a person or entity who purchases a certain product or avails a service for direct consumption, use or utility, or ownership, and does not utilize the same for resale or manufacturing purposes. These three-tier consumer forums and tribunals are vested with powers to resolve complaints and disputes filed by the consumers promptly and expeditiously, take proper and rigorous measures against the accused, and impose penalties for non-compliance with their orders. Fair trade competition, free flow of genuine and trustful information to general public, and welfare of oblivious and innocent consumers, etc., are also handled by these consumer forums within their respective jurisdictions.

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