Shop Act Registration

Shop registration is inevitable when it comes to set up any shops like company registration or other business registration. In India, all shops are registered under the Shops and Establishments Act 1954 in order to establish and continue the business operations. Shops are the most traditional form of business and this has been running since a long time ago in India. Every shop is registered in their respective states as per their state government rules and regulations in our country. These days, online shop registration is getting huge popularity among all types of business entrepreneurs due to its simple and easy process. When it comes to shop act registration, one can directly log into the website of the state government and fill up all the required information regarding nature of the business and goods and services as per the shop and establishment act.

Online Shop Act Registration Services

Online shop act registration is absolutely hassle free process compared than traditional medium of registration. Small and medium scale enterprises are hugely popular in India as such type of business needs less investment and it's more profitable when it grows old. Sole trade business generally operates in a shop in India and it needs to be registered as per the shop registration act in order to continue the business operations legally. There are variety of business organizations are present in India including sole trade business, partnership firms and other joint venture business firms those are operate in shops and it needs registration as per the state government rules and regulations act. One should apply for the shop registration by giving all the details regarding shop establishments including: name of the shop, location details, name and address of business partners and nature of the business for easy and smooth registration.

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