Merger & Acquisition

Now-a-days mergers and acquisitions are quite popular and preferred for business growth and expansion in the same or different fields of business or profession, in countries all around the entire world. Depending upon the specific business requirements and strategies, the merger & acquisition is sometimes considered more beneficial than setting up a joint venture, or a wholly-owned subsidiary, for the purpose of desired business expansion to domestic or international horizons, or optimal growth of business. Hence, ours extensively experienced and globally acclaimed law firm well-based in India offers proficiently the entire-gamut of merger & acquisition services in countries all across the globe, inevitably including India. All different and prominent types of mergers and acquisitions are well-supported by us including the horizontal mergers, mergers through absorption, mergers through consolidation, vertical mergers, conglomerate mergers, and so on. It may also be additionally noted that our law firm has been providing impeccable and discerning legal services in connection with all areas of the law, to all economic sectors in countries of the world over for a long enriching time in the past.

Merger & Acquisitions Services in India

One of the major and galloping economies of the world, India is an immensely prominent and preferred destination for international mergers and acquisition. The Indian domestic companies, industries, and institutions too have been obtaining benefits from these facts, for their cherished business growth and domestic business expansion. Entities in all commercial, industrial, professional, or other sectors of economy are now well-facilitated and fully supported by us regarding their visionary and most profitable and secured mergers and acquisitions anywhere in the whole country. Ours superb and swift services for merger & acquisition india, are hugely famous and reputed nationwide and abroad. The visitors to this article must note that any merger & acquisition requires comprehensive and mature thinking and analysis of all facts and matters involved in the same, including the future productivity and profitability of the company, pending loans and litigations of the company being merged, status of tax and other regulatory compliances, prior agreements and contracts made with other entities by the merging company, financial status and market share of the company, and so on. In India, the main and most important laws concerned with merger and acquisitions are - the New Companies Act, 2013; the competition act, 2002; the income tax act, 1961; FEMA, 1999; and the SEBI act of 1992.

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