FDI in India

Prominent and outstanding worldwide is highly gainful and secured fdi in india, in its diverse booming sectors. Today, India has emerged out as one of the most beneficial and safe destinations in the whole world for foreign direct investments in its galloping economic sectors. In this article we offer to our visitors and clients of all economic sectors and belonging to India or countries worldwide, all-round information about the foreign direct investment in India in some of its fast-paced sectors, and the current fdi policy in india. But, before describing these all in details, it would be better to clarify first what is fdi in india or what is fdi policy in india. Any type of capital or other investment in any fast-developing and progressing sector of Indian economy anywhere in the country, by any foreign company or investor, is known as an foreign direct investment in India (fdi in india). And, the policies of the Government of India regarding such investments are termed as the fdi policies. Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the fdi policy in india is highly beneficial for most lucrative and secured foreign direct investment in any desired sector.

Foreign Direct Investment Policy in India

Functioning punctiliously under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the Government of India, the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), is the nodal agency regarding the fdi policy in india. Today, the liberal and generous fdi policies of India are made to attract more and more foreign direct investment in all its flourishing economic sectors from foreign investors and companies pertaining to countries of the world over. Both for NRIs and foreign investors there is offered fdi up to 100% through automatic route in most of its fast-paced and booming economic sectors which now also include service sector, real estate, power trading, industrial processing, infrastructure, oil and gas, and warehousing of coffee and rubber. For making investment under the automatic route, there is no need to acquire any prior approval from the Government of India or the RBI. In the retail sector, there has been allowed up to 51% fdi for the single brand outlets. For investment in the telecommunication services the limit has been extended to 74% for fdi in india. Ours prestigious law firm well-based in India commends worldwide prominence and repute for its extensive range of diverse legal services in jurisdictions world, essentially including India, and hence, full services regarding fdi in india in any targeted sector.

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