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Copyright Registration

Copyright is the intellectual property and it's specifically applied to protect some literary works including music, films and cinematography. Copyright registration is the registration of these creative works in order to save it from illegal usage. Copyright registration has a long history in the whole world with a purpose to save some best creative innovations in the name of the actual creators. Copyright registration act was first introduced at the time of British Government ion the year 1911 and then amended in the year 1914 and finally Indian Copyright registration act came into existence in the year 1956 in order to give the creative freedom to Indian creative entrepreneurs. Copyright registration services are extremely important for aspiring and existing creative artists in order to control their rights with them and to use in the later period of time whenever required. The procedure of Copyright registration in India is almost same like other developed countries in order to preserve the right with the actual owner or creator.

Copyright Registration Services

Copyright registration services are in great demand by leading creative artists in order to preserve their inborn rights with them as they can use it in future. These days, there are some leading trademarks and patent registration firms are providing copyright registration services with the help of some leading well known trademark and patent registration professionals those have experience in handling copyright registration services. Global Jurix, a leading trademark registration firm based out of Delhi has been offering copyright registration services including application and registration as per the requirements of an applicant and that too with at a nominal price. All copyright registration services have been offered as per the Indian Copyright registration act 1957 in order to avoid any legal troubles in future. Creative works including poetry, drama, music and films need to be registered and have their own copyright in order to protect them from misuses or illegal usage by an unauthorized person. Therefore, copyright registration is absolutely essential for creative works and creative artists as they are the actual owner of all those creations.

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