Joint Ventures

Now-a-days the joint ventures are hugely popular worldwide for business diversification and expansion at national or international level, instead of setting up a wholly-owned subsidiary or using merger and acquisition. Depending upon the business requirements and policies these three ways are widely used for business expansion and growth in almost all economic sectors today. We provides the complete range of legal and supportive services regarding these three elegant means of business restructuring at domestic and international jurisdictions worldwide, in the desired economic fields. Our swift and refined joint ventures services are for all diverse types of joint ventures, including the reciprocally managed joint ventures, co-managed joint ventures, and promotional joint ventures. Majority of joint venture companies are generically formed as limited liability companies and for certain strategic and commercial benefits to the parties involved. Again, joint ventures have become elegant forms for making foreign direct investment in any desired country for the objective of business expansion to international horizons and diversification of product lines.

Joint Ventures Services in India

For Indian companies and institutions active in various commercial, industrial, and professional fields, joint ventures with domestic entities is preferable for beating the ever-growing business competition and making the business booming with ample profitability. While the joint venture with any foreign entity, would offer them new technology and refined business competencies, for doing business in India. On the other hand, their foreign partners will achieve well-formed distribution and marketing channels of the Indian partners for their products in India. So far, ours globally reputed law firm of India has helped a large number of Indian and foreign entities belonging to the business and profession fields, in making their successful and highly profitable joint ventures in India. Besides this, the Indian companies have also been supported well by us in accomplishing their joint ventures in the targeted foreign countries. Today, the joint ventures in India, are very preferred for making foreign direct investment in India in almost all expanding economic fields, including telecommunication, manufacturing, engineering, information technology, power and energy, real estate, education, tourism and hospitality, etc. For joint ventures india, we provide all legal services which range from their formation to their efficient management and desired growth and prosperity.

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