Firm Registration

Firm is the association of persons or group of persons formed to carry out a certain business operations. Therefore, firm registration is mandatory as per the firm registration act to carry on business for the profit motive. Firm business has a long and outstanding culture in India and it has been growing rapidly day by day. There are numbers of firms are available in these days including partnership firm, sole trade business and joint venture organizations. Every firm is registered as per their rules and regulations to sustain in the competitive market. Partnership firm is registered under the Indian Partnership Act 1932 as it needs minimum two partners to kick start the business operations in the long run. When it comes to firm registration services, one should need the help of company registration or firm registration professionals in order to make the process easy and simple.

Online Firm Registration Services

Online firm registration services are taking the place of traditional form of registration as many business leaders are finding this process absolutely flexible and instant. Firms are booming in these days and there are many business entrepreneurs are taking this path to explore more and more opportunities in this business. Online firm registration is creating many waves across the world because of its well defined process and simple steps while going for firm registration. If it's a case of partnership firm, then one should apply to the Registrar of Partners by giving all the details regarding his or her firm before registration. These days, more and more private business and firm registration professionals are coming with their own business to provide firm registration services to all aspiring business entrepreneurs. The following important documents need to be submitted while applying for firm registration:

  • Name of the firm
  • Name and address of partners and directors
  • The complete address of the firm
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