Intellectual Property

All diverse types of creative, invaluable, and intangible matters and objects created through the wise use of the intellect by any individual or entity, are recognized as the intellectual property of the creator or entity. This description answers the question 'what is an intellectual property?' The intellectual property are divided broadly into the main categories of copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial designs, and geographic indicators, pertaining to diverse sectors of economy in any country. Thus, various categories of the intellectual property are utmost valuable and significant to entities in the relevant economic fields, as these form the backbone of the business concerned. Now, get answer for 'what are intellectual property rights?'. In short, all the rights associated with any of these intellectual property, are referred to as the intellectual property rights. These intellectual property rights granted by the governmental authorities by registering the proposed property, are described in detail in the section below. Ours widely reputed and vastly experienced intellectual property attorneys have been providing the entire gamut of intellectual property services to all associated fields, in countries all around the world.

Intellectual Property Services in India

All types of works, creations, and inventions coming under all the above-mentioned categories of intellectual property, are well-served by ours expert and discerning IP attorneys and lawyers, for proper registration and protection of those. The intellectual property rights are granted to the creators or possessors regarding proper safety, all desired commercial utilization, hiring or trading, reproduction, and rigorous protection (from misuses and infringement upon by others), of their registered creation, within the concerned jurisdiction. For each of these all categories, we provide dedicated and flawless services during their impeccable creation, originality and acceptability checks, infringement analysis, drafting the application for registration, filing the same at domestic or international level, prosecuting for best and swift registration, watch and monitoring of the registered works, IP dispute resolution, and the infringement litigation in domestic or international arenas. These all intellectual property services are rendered by us in all across the country, with the help of zonal IP offices in every part of India.

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