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The largest metropolis of the country and the commercial capital of India, Mumbai is one of the most magnificent and well-connected centers in the whole world for conducting worldwide business and capital flow. It contains a strikingly massive number of companies and industries pertaining to various economic fields, in addition to a large number of corporate headquarters and professional and financial institutions. Besides providing employment to the largest number of people alone in the whole country, Mumbai has been a giant center of marine imports and exports. These are the reasons for the presence of a huge number of legal professionals and a large number of law firms in all across the city. One of the most prominent and prestigious of these firms is ours well-resourced law firm of international reputation and worldwide prominence. Ours adept and refined lawyers in mumbai have been serving people and entities established in every part of this financial capital of India in diverse economic sectors. Some of ours internationally acclaimed legal professionals are regarded as the top lawyers in mumbai in connection with several disciplines of the law.

Legal Services in Mumbai

For exquisite and swift lawyers services in mumbai, ours law firm is widely and immensely popular and preferred. Several members of ours firm serve as renowned international lawyers in mumbai to people and companies belonging to India and abroad, in connection with their international businesses in diverse economic sectors. An enormous number of individuals and entities in various commercial, professional, and industrial fields have been utilizing most profitably ours legal services in all across Mumbai for over a decade. The main and major areas of ours legal practice are - civil and criminal laws, company law, real estate and construction laws, business and commercial law, intellectual property law, taxation and insurance, labor and employment law, maritime and admiralty law, capital market, corporate project finance, international business and trade, oil and gas, foreign direct investment, contract law, consumer law, education law, business regulation, corporate restructuring, technology transfers and innovation, environmental law, etc.

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