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Glamorous and glorious capital of giant and prosperous country India, New Delhi is one of the beautiful and well-connected cities of the world to live in and work. There are well-established myriads of companies, institutions, and industries in diverse economic sectors in and around this fast-growing city. The main offices and headquarters of most of the companies and institutions are situated in Delhi. Along with the central offices and institutions of the legislature and judiciary, these all form the inherent part of city's infrastructure. Thus, on the whole, New Delhi offers extensive scope for services in the legal sector, and are therefore, lawyers forming a massive number established in all across the city. The main office of ours globally prominent and reputed law firm is also established well in New Delhi, and extends the complete gamut of various legal services to individuals and entities engaged in all economic sectors. Perfect and swift services of ours erudite and well-experienced lawyers in new delhi are explained exclusively in the latter section. At present, ours law firm is amply distinguished for refined lawyers services in new delhi, and some of ours lawyers are regarded as the top lawyers in delhi.

Legal Services in New Delhi

Ours renowned and well-equipped law firm provides legal services in connection with all diverse disciplines of the law, to entities in all fields of the commercial, industrial, professional, and service sectors. Ours internationally acclaimed attorneys and lawyers have been offering impeccable services as international lawyers in new delhi, other parts of India, and countries abroad. The major and most significant areas of our legal practice are - company law, commercial law, intellectual property law, maritime and admiralty law, labor and employment law, education law, civil and criminal laws, consumer law, corporate taxation and insurance, foreign direct investment, capital market, alternative dispute resolution, infringement and commercial litigations, real estate and construction, corporate project finance, international business, etc. The qualities that render ours firm prominent and outstanding are - rich and varied legal knowledge and expertise, international reach and reputation, reasonable charges, elegant and innovative solutions, prompt handling, expert and discerning counsel, and dedicated services.

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