NGO Registration

Non- governmental Organization (NGO) is a public charitable organization formed with a purpose to serve public in general. Therefore, NGO registration is highly imperative in order to maintain the day to day operations of an organization. As it's a charitable organization, it's exempted from paying any taxes by the Income Tax Act in India. There are large numbers of NGO's are available in these days including regional or local, state level NGO, national and international NGO's with the sole purpose to provide financial and emotional assistance to poor and homeless people. After establishing an NGO, one needs to register as per the NGO registration act and under the Section 2 (15) of the Income Tax Act 1961 in order to enjoy free tax benefits. These days, online NGO registration is taking the place of traditional form of NGO registration under Section 8 of New Companies Act, 2013. Trademark and legal professionals are providing NGO registration services at affordable prices.

Online NGO Registration Services

Gone are the days of traditional form registration as one can turn online mode in order to register all business organization, company and NGO's whenever required. Indian Income Tax Act 1961 has defined all rules and regulations regarding NGO registration. In a country like India, a public charitable organization has been playing a very important role in creating public awareness regarding various burning issue emerging in the society on day to day basis. Like company registration, an NGO registration also follows quite same rules and regulations in order to work as a legal entity among all. One should pay the NGO registration fee as per the registration act or the Government rules and regulations at the time of applying for registration certificate. It's better to seek the help of a trademark and company registration professional for easy and smooth registration.

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