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Trademark Renewal

Trademark registration gives a business the required recognition in a global competitive market. But, trademark should be renewed in every ten years as per the trademark registration rules and regulations. Trademark renewal is highly imperative in order to boost the faded reputation of a business organization or an enterprise. A business enterprise should renew its trademark before it expires or otherwise it needs to be re-registered as per the trademark registration act in order to maintain its business reputation. Trademark renewal services are extensively provided by various trademark registration firms and legal agencies with appointing well qualified and well trained trademark attorneys and lawyers from across the world. A trademark owner will be informed before six months of its expiry as a result one will get enough time to apply for trademark renewal. Once it is renewed, the validity will continue for another ten years as per the trademark registration act.

Trademark Renewal Services

Trademark renewal services are abundantly available in India with the help of some qualified and experienced trademark lawyers. Trademark renewal services are extremely popular among business entrepreneurs and existing business professionals in order to protect their business reputation. There is a trademark renewal process like trademark registration one should follow while applying for trademark renewal. One should apply with trademark renewal application along with paying trademark renewal fees as per the Indian Trademark Registration Act. It's a professional service and one should take the help of some leading trademark attorneys or trademark lawyers as they are the expert members in this field. They will teach how to renew trademarks by following few simple steps and procedures. Trademark renewal services comprises some legal steps like preparing a renewal instruction letter with mentioning all the details regarding business and previous trademark sign and its validity for better understanding by the trademark lawyer. Again, this application letter is send to the Registrar of the Trademark Registration office for quality check and review process by a certified trademark attorneys and trademark lawyers before giving renewal certificate. Therefore, one should apply for trademark renewal within six months of notice given to him or her from trademark registration office.

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