Cyber Law

The cyber law is exclusively concerned with all activities, devices, and crimes associated with computers and the internet. Also known as the internet law, the cyber law has become one of the most vital and significant disciplines of the legal practice, owing to ever-growing importance and usage of the internet, and to ever-increasing magnitude of criminal activities in the cyberspace. Therefore, to provide all-round and highly enlightening information to our visitors and clients of all economic sectors, ours this article contains precious description regarding what is cyber law, together with cyber law definition, cyber law india, and our full-range of services for resolving all types of cyber crimes in India and other countries worldwide. The Cyber Law is the elegant set of some specific rules, regulations, instructions and policies, which can guide and regulate all activities over internet properly and perfectly through preventing all possible types of cyber crimes, in order to make the usage of internet most convenient, secured, and optimally profitable to all users. Information about various types of cyber crimes are given in the section below separately in details. Prompt and convenient accessibility and utilization of internet, jurisdictional limitations, privacy and security, freedom of expression, etc., are some of the inherent and vital matters and issues handled by this cyber law.

Cyber Law in India

Due to ever-increasing use of internet and devices of modern information technology by people and entities in all sectors of economy, the scope of cyber crimes has now widened tremendously. The most generically prominent types of such cyber crimes are - virus or worm attacks, email hijacking, hacking, DOS attack, online banking frauds, EFT frauds, source code theft, cyber sabotage, online share trading frauds, credit card frauds, pornography, tax evasion, IPR violations, cyber terrorism, and so on. Thus, the ambit of the cyber law is quite extensive, and covers areas of several other laws. Offering legal services to all economic sectors in connection with all disciplines of the law in India and abroad, our globally reputed law firm also extends elegant and proficient legal services regarding this cyber law. In India, provisions for resolving most of the cyber crimes are contained in the Indian Penal Code, considering these as traditional crimes. In addition to this, the Information Technology Act of 2000, provides additional guidance for ingenious and perfect resolution of diverse cyber crimes in all across India.

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