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Company is defined as an association of persons or group of persons for a common goal to continue business operations. Therefore, company registration is extremely inevitable for all business entrepreneurs to start their business operations. Company registration is a legal process and one should follow each and every step as per the New Companies Act, 2013. There are various ways are available nowadays for company registration like online company registration is the new buzzword among business entrepreneurs. Online company registration offers flexibility and affordability when it comes to company registration. In India, a company may be registered either as a private limited or a public limited as per the requirements and demand of members or partners of a company. New Companies Act, 2013 is the act which registers and administers all companies registered in India.

Company Registration Services in India

India is the hub of company registration and in each and every year, there are hundreds of companies are established in order to utilize huge business opportunities in India. Company registration is the next big step after incorporating or forming a company as per the company registration rules and regulations. If it's in case of a private limited company, then it needs minimum three members and maximum two hundred as per the company registration act and no member will enjoy the free transfer of shares but in case of a public limited company, minimum partners are seven and there is no maximum limit and the company can issue shares to public in order to raise capital for day to day business operations. The Registrar of Companies (RoC) is the authorized body appointed by the Indian Companies Act to check and offer company registration certificates if they qualify all eligibility criteria under the Indian Companies Act.

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